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Alien Isolation: Dude’s Wiggin’ – Screen Peekers (Part 31)

Ripley continues to show her stuff when someone tells her the androids are freaking out and she is a little confused by this “sudden revelation”. Luckily, J.D. is almost acquainted … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Nothing Can Hurt Sebastian – Screen Peekers (Part 7)

Jeff acquired the Agony Crossbow! Nothing can hurt Jeff now! When Jeff and J.D. finally get back to the Agony Crossbow after multiple deaths, it appears that our duo are … Continue reading

December 4, 2015 · Leave a comment

Demon’s Souls: Sneakers and Appendages – Screen Peekers (Part 17)

It is unknown if the Tower of Latria uses the British numbering system for floors, but Jeff and J.D. are making their way down to the ground, dealing with bellcasters … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: What is the Point of This?! – Screen Peekers (Part 14)

Deeper and deeper it goes, where it stops, Demon only knows. J.D. traverses further into the mines while both he and Jeff wonder if there’s something they’re missing. A weapon? … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: The Dog Trap – Screen Peekers (Part 7)

Dragons are scary, dogs are scary, small white phantoms nonchalantly moving at the edge of your vision are scary. This episode, J.D. confronts his fears, and meets his true love: … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: I Reap My Reward – Screen Peekers (Part 6)

With the Monumental found, and leveling at last unlocked for our heroes, they set out, newly-equipped to fight the menace before them! Surely no invaders will make Jeff a disappointed … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: Parry-Man! – Screen Peekers (Part 3)

“Welcome… to the last of useless tips.” J.D. finally gets a chance to prove his mettle this episode, and he does so with many shield-flicks and backstab-circles. Luckily other players … Continue reading

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