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PSTS Episode 284 – Nintendo Online Deets, E3 Predictions of Yore, and Yeah, Yooka-Laylee Had Problems

Sometimes it isn’t really until the end of a game that you look back and go “huh, this could have been a lot better.” Playtonic’s attempt to recapture their glory … Continue reading

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DK64: Paint the Walls Peanut – Screen Peekers (Part 15)

Jeff has a hard day at Donkey Kong in this episode. From shooting peanuts to playing instruments to testing his ability to beaver wrangle. To beaver wrangle. To wrangle beavers. … Continue reading

July 2, 2015 · Leave a comment

DK64: Monkey Hands – Screen Peekers (14)

Just how human… are monkey hands? Is a skull boned? How close can you cut a slot machine game? This place is one smooth-working engine, and these monkeys are going … Continue reading

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DK64: Some Death Animation – Screen Peekers (13)

Moving on to world 3, Jeff and J.D. get to a level type that is inseparable from Donkey Kong: industrial computer things. Robots, winding corridors, and an inability to find … Continue reading

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DK64: She Frolicks – Screen Peekers (08)

With Tiny Kong in their pocket, J.D. gets the chance to pull some things out of her pockets. Things like a series of complete failures to platform properly, showing that … Continue reading

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DK64 Episode: Sexy Little Monkey – Screen Peekers (07)

Some games require precision platforming, with a necessity for accurate, quick movements. Unfortunately this game can sometimes be one of those games. Watch as Jeff tries, desperately, not to completely … Continue reading

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