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Alien Isolation: Love is the Answer, Man – Screen Peekers (Part 32)

“Sorry for aiming a revolver at you and thinkin’ for a while.” Round and round J.D. goes in this episode, trying desperately to find out where he should go. Luckily, … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation: Dude’s Wiggin’ – Screen Peekers (Part 31)

Ripley continues to show her stuff when someone tells her the androids are freaking out and she is a little confused by this “sudden revelation”. Luckily, J.D. is almost acquainted … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Oh God That Thing – Screen Peekers (Part 33)

How does Jeff deal with a funhouse of enemies, bombs, and traps? This episode features several flavors of approach: the “all-out assault”, the “stealth turned wrong”, and “the lap”. We’re … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation: A Lot of Snakes in Space – Screen Peekers (Part 30)

Trapped in a tiny module with the xenomorph, this episode probably has the most alien-per-square footage than any other, and one goal that involves 1) blowing and 2) an airlock. … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation: Ripley ‘n’ Joe – Screen Peekers (Part 29)

Sometimes Workin’ Joe is handy, even if he’s still creepy as hell. In this episode J.D. finds at least one use for them. He makes his way to the next … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Screw You, Pal! – Screen Peekers (Part 29)

“At least they’re enemies I understand.” Jeff has a problem this episode, and it’s a tiny assassin who pops up out of nowhere and kills him for no reason. Yet … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation: DIRECTLY Behind You! – Screen Peekers Ep 27

Having caught one blast in the face too many, the xenomorph is hot on J.D.’s tail this episode, and doesn’t let him forget about it (even if he’s forgotten at … Continue reading

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