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PSTS Vlogs: Smash Bros 3DS/U and Tabletops

Hello wonderful viewers! While we don’t have a new Donkey Kong episode for you today, due to technical errors, we do have a couple of vlogs for you. First up … Continue reading

January 31, 2013 · Leave a comment

PSTS Let’s Play Minecraft: Episode 26 – Don’t Smack My Meat

Back a month ago we had a special experience, an alliterative experience known as Minecraft Monday. Mysteriously, this video dropped onto our doorstep this morning, just in time. In this … Continue reading

November 5, 2012 · Leave a comment

PSTS Let’s Play Luigi’s Mansion: Episode 04 – Danger: Batman In this episode of Press Trick to Treat: Attack of the Colons, Luigi unleashes a powerful force of Boos onto his already ghost-infested mansion! Equipped with a new Boo-tracker … Continue reading

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Judging Game Quality: J.D.’s Take

Upon the arrival of each new AAA video game, there are eager gamers everywhere anticipating the game reviews that accompany them. Will it live up to the hype, what works … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 18: Wii U Announcements, Black Mesa, and Artificial Scarcity

There was a minor explosion within the video gaming community sometime last Thursday, and we are here to finally discuss it: all of the stuff going down with the Wii … Continue reading

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PSTS Let’s Play Borderlands: Episode 11 – Frakkin’ Rakks

Moe and Marley are in bits and pieces and all sidequests are done, which means it is time to retrieve Sledge’s Gate Key! A key that is held inside the … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 16 – METAL GEAR!?, PAX, and Sweet, Sweet Microphones

We have a special surprise for all of you love birds out there! Now you can listen to Jeff and JD muse and meander in even higher quality audio as … Continue reading

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