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The Evil Within: Boxhead – Screen Peekers (Part 25)

J.D. and Jeff discuss the unsung heroes of these ancient temples, the engineers and architects who put them all together. Also, they meet an old friend, someone who’s been with … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Earn a Donkey – Screen Peekers (Part 24)

Branching paths and a scary new enemy await Jeff and J.D. in this episode, but they’re too busy lightin’ guys on fire and punting others across the room. Pretty soon, … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Better Break These Pots – Screen Peekers (Part 23)

Joseph is having troubles and Sebby doesn’t have to deal with them when he gets thrown sideways into a bizarrely Skyrim-esque dungeon, where Jeff is quickly reminded that all of … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Dag, Yo – Screen Peekers (Part 16)

A suspicious room turns out to be the prologue into the next boss fight for Jeff and J.D. to try over, and over, and over. Sebby learns some important things … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Nothing Can Hurt Sebastian – Screen Peekers (Part 7)

Jeff acquired the Agony Crossbow! Nothing can hurt Jeff now! When Jeff and J.D. finally get back to the Agony Crossbow after multiple deaths, it appears that our duo are … Continue reading

December 4, 2015 · Leave a comment

The Evil Within: Homie Don’t Play That – Screen Peekers (Part 6)

Stuff is gettin’ all Resident Evil in here as Jeff and J.D. invade a small village and mess things up. Mostly messing up booby traps and messing up Sebastian’s throat … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 172 – Camera Angles, Andromeda Leaks, and Fridays in Black

With Turkey Day on the horizon, that means one thing on Friday: a ton of things going on sale. To prep themselves, Jeff and J.D. have been trying to tear … Continue reading

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