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DK64: Wait for the Happy Face – Screen Peekers (17)

Alternate Title: Lost in the Factory. All doors and corridors start to look the same to our heroes, who nonetheless manage to find several puzzles to fail at, while discussing … Continue reading

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DK64: Paint the Walls Peanut – Screen Peekers (Part 15)

Jeff has a hard day at Donkey Kong in this episode. From shooting peanuts to playing instruments to testing his ability to beaver wrangle. To beaver wrangle. To wrangle beavers. … Continue reading

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DK64: Monkey Hands – Screen Peekers (14)

Just how human… are monkey hands? Is a skull boned? How close can you cut a slot machine game? This place is one smooth-working engine, and these monkeys are going … Continue reading

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DK64: Some Death Animation – Screen Peekers (13)

Moving on to world 3, Jeff and J.D. get to a level type that is inseparable from Donkey Kong: industrial computer things. Robots, winding corridors, and an inability to find … Continue reading

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DK64: Oh I’m Big – Screen Peekers (10)

Lava causes “abject terror” today for J.D. as he tries to be big–by being tiny. Or something like that. Plus, suicidal camels, the B-52s, and a lot of swearing at … Continue reading

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DK64: My Show and Only Me – Screen Peekers (09)


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DK64: She Frolicks – Screen Peekers (08)

With Tiny Kong in their pocket, J.D. gets the chance to pull some things out of her pockets. Things like a series of complete failures to platform properly, showing that … Continue reading

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