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Demon’s Souls: Corrupted by the Whatever – Screen Peekers (Finale)

The demons are dead, the bottom is reached, and the Maiden in Black is beckoning Jeff and J.D. to go inside without leveling. Girding himself, Uglee McGee steps into the … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: A Series of Hours – Screen Peekers (Part 41)

Though their friend Biorr the Twinblade lies in a pile of ashes, Jeff and J.D. will press on, with the hopes that one more demon, one big demon, will go … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 166 – Rock Band 4, Battlefront Beta, and a Potentially-Confirmed Rumor

Against all odds, Jeff and J.D. managed to hammer out quite a few games in the past week, with the most important one involving a number of plastic instruments and … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: Narrow and Dramatic Pit – Screen Peekers (Part 40)

With a strategy in-hand, Jeff and J.D. try their hand at braving the fires of the Blue Dragon (again), finally succeeding and being allowed to gaze upon the face of … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: Iridescent Wings – (Part 39)

After a very brief sidetrip to check on a mysteriously empty tower, Jeff and J.D. decide it’s time to get past their old friend the Blue Dragon. This turns out … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: The J. Waxo Way – Screen Peekers (Part 36)

There’s just something insulting about a boss that’s just a dude. With the help of a little music, Jeff makes it past, to the even MORE EPIC final-final boss fight. … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: The Birdo King – Screen Peekers (Part 35)

There is not actually a Birdo in this episode. There is no giant, pink, egg-spitting monster thing. There IS a giant monster made of pottery and flies, and a lady … Continue reading

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