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Alien Isolation: “Okay okay okay!” – Screen Peekers (Part 14)

Things are heating up for our heroes. The xenomorph is on their tail, and they are doing their best to keep ahead of it. Does that include a degree of … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: My Special Place – Screen Peekers (Part 15)

With the assault and weird trap survived, Jeff and J.D. continue into the funhouse of… wait, where are they? Experience a dozen party rooms, barely survive a fat man covered … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 176 – Games of the Year, Games of Next Year, and Games that Ain’t or Already Have

2016 is here, ready to mess up every check you need to write and form you need to sign. With a whole year behind them, Jeff and J.D. look back … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation: Locker Time – Screen Peekers (Part 13)

With the slow, dramatic reveal of the xenomorph finally entering the game for real, it’s time for some legit Jeff freakouts while J.D. frantically tries to find some kind of … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation: Talents Were Wasted – Screen Peekers (Part 12)

In the Scitech section, Jeff and J.D. meet back up with their more sweaty counterparts, ravaged by the evil DEBRIS. Then they meet a British dude who definitely isn’t going … Continue reading

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