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PSTS Episode 179 – Mini Metro, Fire Emblem Localization, and Bad Games Made by Pretty Cool People

I have no idea how this episode about such silly things as Five Nights at Freddy’s World, a silly indie Steam game, and a not-quite-well reviewed Final Fantasy spinoff stretched … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation: Bonding Agents – Screen Peekers (Part 19)

There’s a lot going on this episode. Socks. Bonds. Screaming murder victims. Bubsy. Not much for Ripley, though. Mostly looking for a new hacking device. Of course, once some progress … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation: Alien Cop 2 – Screen Peekers (Part 18)

With the fire at last escaped, J.D. traipses back to the part of the station occupied by people, who are still alive! For the moment. Squeaky shoes, Peanuts, and Minnesotan … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 178 – Twilight Princess Leak, Platinum’s TMNT, and Other People Who Play Games

The well is dry, citizens, and the news is being squeezed from the stones. This week Jeff and J.D. discuss some updates to the Xbox One dashboard that are coming, … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: The Forgotten Ward – Screen Peekers (Part 17)

Now… where were we again? After a time-skip, we find Jeff and J.D. in a much creepier place than they expected. Soon, all is better when they stumble upon a … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Dag, Yo – Screen Peekers (Part 16)

A suspicious room turns out to be the prologue into the next boss fight for Jeff and J.D. to try over, and over, and over. Sebby learns some important things … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 177 – Xenomorphs, Rogue Assassins, and Games of Next Year (In Detail)

With very, very little news this week, Jeff and J.D. instead take some time to review their “progress” in Alien Isolation and how their opinions have completely changed. After a … Continue reading

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