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PSTS Episode 175 – More Xenoblade, More Smash Bros DLC, More Stupid Nonissue Drama

This last week has been more than a little Nintendo-y, besides the expected, giant robot reasons: the final Smash Bros Nintendo Direct dropped two more DLC characters into our laps … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation: It’s a Revolver – Screen Peekers (Part 9)

In a surprise absolutely no one was expecting, all of the Working Joes turn on J.D. and the random sacrificial NPCs. Just can deal with it, though: with a handy … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Losing Our Minds – Screen Peekers (Part 9)

Losing our minds LOSING OUR MINDS losing our minds LOSING OUR MINDS Jeff and J.D. are losing their minds, just when all seemed normal. Plus they totally miss a save … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 174 – Xenoblade Chronicles X, the Game Awards, and Maybe a Final Fantasy Thing

With a total of around 46 hours total played of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Jeff and J.D. are going to inundate you with opinions, facts, and gameplay details of the Wii … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Nothing Can Hurt Sebastian – Screen Peekers (Part 7)

Jeff acquired the Agony Crossbow! Nothing can hurt Jeff now! When Jeff and J.D. finally get back to the Agony Crossbow after multiple deaths, it appears that our duo are … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 173 – Small Announcements, Speculation, and Hearts Valiant (JD Edition)

Things get silly in the PSTS recording booth this episode when Jeff and J.D. give you a brief rundown of all of the one-sentence news that’s parading around today: hirings, … Continue reading

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The Evil Within: Homie Don’t Play That – Screen Peekers (Part 6)

Stuff is gettin’ all Resident Evil in here as Jeff and J.D. invade a small village and mess things up. Mostly messing up booby traps and messing up Sebastian’s throat … Continue reading

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