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Demon’s Souls: Psycho Chords – Screen Peekers (Part 19)

Some bosses are straightforward. Others have a phantom guarding them, fakeout copies, and a dude upstairs who worships them to some evil end. This is one of the latter. Advertisements

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PSTS Episode 157 – The Arkham Trilogy Overall, Gamescom Roundup, and the Death of Dinklebot

This is the last podcast that even breathes a word about Arkham Knight, we swear, mostly because so much stuff is happening at Gamescom Cologne right now. Microsoft’s lineup is … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: Sneakers and Appendages – Screen Peekers (Part 17)

It is unknown if the Tower of Latria uses the British numbering system for floors, but Jeff and J.D. are making their way down to the ground, dealing with bellcasters … Continue reading

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