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PSTS Episode 160 – Birds, Bears, and the Biggest of Bosses

After Jeff and J.D. give a “long-awaited” review of Banjo-Tooie, assisted by Rare Replay, lunch will be served, with a presentation on not bragging about someone else’s accomplishments and an … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: Baby Got Back, Man – Screen Peekers (Part 25)

There is a demon not quite sitting in our heroes’ way, and they have a score to settle with him. He’s fat, he’s slow, but he hits like a ton … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: B to the S – Screen Peekers (Part 23)

You know what maneaters do? Eat men. Luckily, your own Jeff and J.D. aren’t man enough to deal with them, so after a short, heavily-edited series of tries, they move … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 159 – Trials, Tunes, and the Fourth Music Podcast

It’s mid-August in the hottest summer Portland has ever recorded, meaning time for Jeff and J.D. to stick themselves to their chairs with sweat and play for you ten of … Continue reading

August 19, 2015 · 2 Comments

Demon’s Souls: The Long Con – Screen Peekers (Part 22)

With a broken heart, Jeff and J.D. descend to see what awaits them in the mashed-up organ they’ve destroyed. The revelation that previously mushy blockages are now gone provides with … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: The Tower of Latvia – Screen Peekers (Part 20)

Moldy wood and weird scorpion worms with faces await Jeff and J.D. It’s after a time skip, so this is, like, totally blasé to them, but what can you do? … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 158 – Bears, Birds, Squirrels, Pinatas, and the First Taste of Rare Replay

Ostensibly there is news in this episode, featured somewhere in the back end of the talk about the classic N64, NES, and 360 games tucked away into Rare Replay. Maybe … Continue reading

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