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PSTS Episode 156 – Inquisition Trial, Big Splatoon Updates, and eSports–Nah, More Batman

Jeff and J.D. have finally gotten a chance to test out the free multiplayer version of Dragon Age Inquisition, a tale frought with woe, misery, and maybe some fun. There’s … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: This Guy’s Beak – Screen Peekers (Part 16)

It’s Jeff time, baby, which means Jeff gets to show off all of the myriad ways to kill helpless, starved, undead prisoners. You’ll get to see inside of iron maidens … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: Creepy Old Prisoner’s Sounds – Screen Peekers (Part 15)

Taking a cue from a hot tip, Jeff and J.D. decide to investigate the Queen of the Tower or whatever, and they find out she’s, like, waaaay into jail cells, … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 155 – Arkham Knight Finale, KOTOR II Patch, and Nintendo on PC

It isn’t often that your faithful newshounds have time to 100%-complete a game, but J.D. has done that very thing with the last of the Rocksteady Batman games, and is … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: What is the Point of This?! – Screen Peekers (Part 14)

Deeper and deeper it goes, where it stops, Demon only knows. J.D. traverses further into the mines while both he and Jeff wonder if there’s something they’re missing. A weapon? … Continue reading

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DK64: Wait for the Happy Face – Screen Peekers (17)

Alternate Title: Lost in the Factory. All doors and corridors start to look the same to our heroes, who nonetheless manage to find several puzzles to fail at, while discussing … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 154 – Awesome Highs, Rebounding Lows, and Satoru Iwata

This past Sunday marked the unexpected death of one of the more memorable public figures in the video game industry, President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata. Known for his quirky public … Continue reading

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