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Demon’s Souls: Sticky White Stuff – Screen Peekers (Part 9)

An impenetrable door means it’s time to explore elsewhere, so Jeff and J.D. travel to the land of the Burrow King, to see what’s up with his burrows. Turns out: … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: Next Time We Fight Him – Screen Peekers (Part 8)

Some post-game commentary comes out in this episode, as Jeff and J.D. take on the Tower Knight, their first actually difficult boss in Demon’s Souls. Who came up with the … Continue reading

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DK64: Monkey Hands – Screen Peekers (14)

Just how human… are monkey hands? Is a skull boned? How close can you cut a slot machine game? This place is one smooth-working engine, and these monkeys are going … Continue reading

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DK64: Some Death Animation – Screen Peekers (13)

Moving on to world 3, Jeff and J.D. get to a level type that is inseparable from Donkey Kong: industrial computer things. Robots, winding corridors, and an inability to find … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 151 – Arkham Knight Release, Destiny DLC Prices, and Non-News

The ghost of E3 present has departed, leaving us with nothing but lingering hunger and lost metaphors. Instead we have a big release that’s making quite a splash with PC … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 150 – E3 2015, New Hotness, and Unexpected Disappointment

So much has happened in just the past four days that Jeff and J.D. have almost no time to talk about all of it. Oh, what’s that? It’s still an … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: The Dog Trap – Screen Peekers (Part 7)

Dragons are scary, dogs are scary, small white phantoms nonchalantly moving at the edge of your vision are scary. This episode, J.D. confronts his fears, and meets his true love: … Continue reading

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