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DK64: She Frolicks – Screen Peekers (08)

With Tiny Kong in their pocket, J.D. gets the chance to pull some things out of her pockets. Things like a series of complete failures to platform properly, showing that … Continue reading

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DK64 Episode: Sexy Little Monkey – Screen Peekers (07)

Some games require precision platforming, with a necessity for accurate, quick movements. Unfortunately this game can sometimes be one of those games. Watch as Jeff tries, desperately, not to completely … Continue reading

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PSTS Episode 147 – Name Changes, Sony Experiences, and First Person Cell Phonage

In case you’re not viewing this on our website, PSTS is undergoing a change of brand. It’ll still be Press Start to Start, but now we live under our umbrella … Continue reading

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Demon’s Souls: Into the Woods – Screen Peekers (Part 1)

Let’s GET IT ON. First game in the “Spiritual Souls Series”, and Jeff and J.D. are here to show you how to die with as much regularity as possible. Also, … Continue reading

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PSTS Plays DK64 Episode 6 – You Made a Swear!

The first level is basically a squashed banana at Jeff and J.D.’s feet, leaving them to find a new world from the strangely dead overworld. Alpacas of some sort lead … Continue reading

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PSTS Plays DK64 Episode 5 – Such Utter Perfection in Form

In this episode, Jeff has a lot of trouble controlling the excitable little monkey that is Diddy Kong. First in shooting, then a lot in jumping, then in riding minecarts. … Continue reading

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PSTS Hates Tales of Symphonia 2: Episode 46 – FINALE

It’s the end, finally. After skipping over a couple of hours (you’ll thank us, probably), we’re here, at last fighting Richter, and being allowed to win. Then some brief debate … Continue reading

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