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E3 2014: Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft was third on the conference roster for the day and they came in with guns blazing. Lots of big name titles including a few unexpected nuggets of goodness awaited us. Find out all about the hubbub below!


Far Cry 4

We had heard that Far Cry 4 was coming for a while now but we finally got a good look at some gameplay and some of the characters the game had to offer. Our first glimpse into the psychotic nature of the games antagonist was a disturbing one as we probably have come to expect at this point. See the first 5 minutes of gameplay below.

Just Dance 2015

At first it seemed as though it was going to be more of the same and while it pretty much was gameplay wise they did have a new feature to show us that gave us an easier way to host those Just Dance parties! Now you can use your smart phone to play the game as well so even more people can join in on the fun. They also have a new feature that puts you in the game called Community Remix where other people will score to your performance.

Even More of The Division

Ubisoft treated us to a CGI trailer of the Division at their conference showing us the beginning of the outbreak and its effects on the people emotionally and physically. It’s freaking depressing.

Miami to Los Angeles

Ubi’s new racer The Crew exhibited some impressive open world driving in its loading free drive from LA to Miami. The scope of the game is quite impressive as is the amount of detail on display. The Beta will be available on July 23rd, check here for more details.

More Assassin’s Creed Unity

Another ACU trailer was shown off at the Ubi conference as well as more gameplay demos. The new trailer is more story and mood centered than the multiplayer demo before. After the CGI trailer, live gameplay was shown focusing more on a single player experience. The parkour seems slightly more acrobatic this time around as well as a bit faster.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Inspired by letters sent during the First World War, the Valiant Hearts trailer details the memories a dog had with various soldiers through the war. Like Child of Light and Rayman Origins/Legends before it, Valiant Hearts is made in the UbiArt engine continuing the trend of gorgeously hand drawn sidescrollers from Ubisoft. Prepare to feel very emotional.

Rainbow Six: Siege

In a surprising conclusion to their conference, Ubisoft announced a new entry in the popular Rainbow Six series, subtitled Siege. The gameplay trailer gave us our first looks into what the new title will play like. The trailer was set up like a group of friends playing together online (similar to the canned chat in the Division trailers) who were playing as a squad infiltrating an urban home to extract a hostage another group of players had taken. The breakable environments were quite impressive as was the variability of approach options at their disposal.


Ubisoft’s conference is in the books! Did it live up to your wildest expectations or did it leave something to be desired? Let us know below!


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