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E3 2014: Electronic Arts Conference

Electronic Arts had a lot of games to show during their conference. Not only did they give further detail on games previously announced, but they had some new IP’s up their sleeve as well. Here are EA’s big announcements!

The Force is Strong with this One

Starting off with a bang was the new Star Wars Battlefront entry announced at last year’s E3. The developers gave us a little background about how they are approaching the new entry and the things they’ve done to ensure the game stays true to the source material. Additionally we were given a bit of early in-engine footage to whet our appetites.

Dragon Age Inquisition

The introduction of new Dragon Age footage was led by some beautiful live music. They showed off a few trailers both at their conference as well as at Microsoft’s, and they were able to demo some gameplay of the battle system against a giant dragon! Who doesn’t want to fight a dragon?

Mass Effect & New IP

Bioware went all out this year with the previously mentioned Dragon Age info and then new Mass Effect details! While it was still very much a teaser (very vague details given) is was nice to have them mention it just to keep it fresh in our minds. More surprisingly, however, was the announcement that they are working on a new IP but did not divulge any details. What could it be?

The Sims 4

It’s time to brush up on your Simlish, because the Sims 4 is coming your way September 2nd this year! The Sims you will be creating will be smarter, have big personalities, and have their own stories. You will be able to give them specific traits determining what kind of person they are whether they be hot-headed, clumsy, or what have you.

You ARE Bruce Lee

If you a big fan of UFC and Bruce Lee, then EA has got the game for you! Yes you can play as Bruce Lee, which is pretty awesome. Catch all the fierce action below. Hiyaaawwww!!!!!!


To absolutely no one’s surprise, EA are making new iterations of their football, hockey, golf, and soccer franchises. Essentially you can expect more realism, better physics, and less scripted events for a more overall authentic player experience.

Criterion’s New EXTREME Racer

Promising more than just cars for their new racer (including ATV’s, wingsuits, planes, ect.), Criterion is looking to make one of the biggest games they’ve ever made. They want to make a truly unique experience with as much diversity as they can. See just how EXTREME they are behind the scenes.

A MOBA for the People

EA went behind the scenes on their new MOBA game Dawngate explaining the philosophy behind the game. They want to make a game for hardcore MOBA players so they went straight to the source to do so. Take a look below to see more.

Mirror’s Edge

Developer diaries were the new hotness at E3 this year as the trend continues with Mirror’s Edge. The developers discuss what is important to them about the character and the functionality of the environments. Early gameplay footage is also shown; spoiler, it looks like Mirror’s Edge but that’s a good thing!

Battlefield Hardline

Looks like EA has been taking notes on the yearly CoD releases because here they are with a new Battlefield! This isn’t your typical Battlefield game though; this is a Cops vs. Criminals type game similar to the Payday series albeit on a much grander scale. They showed off just how the multiplayer will play on stage to give us an idea of what to expect. Before ending they dropped a bomb in the form of a beta that is out RIGHT NOW! It may be too late now since there are limited available slots, but hey I got in so check back for impressions later!


There you have it folks, that is the EA conference. Let us know how you think it holds up in the comments section below!


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