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PSTS Episode 84 – Donkey Kong Country 3, Dungeon Keeper Mobile, and the Big Nintendo Sum-Up

There are a million-and-one games releasing on the horizon, and Jeff and J.D. are shoring up their reviewing bungalows with lots of sandbags filled with backlog. Today they discuss a couple of games they’ve both been meaning to play forever, one from the SNES-era, and one from all the way last year. The big news of the week has been Nintendo’s shareholder meeting, so expect a healthy dose of that, but also controversy over a once-beloved franchise going free to play. Stop me if you’ve heard that one before

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2 comments on “PSTS Episode 84 – Donkey Kong Country 3, Dungeon Keeper Mobile, and the Big Nintendo Sum-Up

  1. rick
    February 6, 2014

    What did you guys think of that non-wearable quality of life platform Nintendo talked about in the shareholders meeting? It was so weird.
    I’ve been playing Kid Icarus Uprising lately too and I actually use the a b x and y buttons to control the pointer, it’s a lot harder to aim but I think it makes playing a lot more comfortable. By the way, nice to hear people talking about DKC 3, it gets a lot of hate but it’s one of my favorite games ever.

    • shickj
      February 6, 2014

      I meant to bring that up in the podcast but forgot. I think that such a proposition could be quite lucrative for them but no one is really sure what exactly it means. We know they’ve been interested in such devices before (the vitality sensor was supposed to come out for the Wii before they put it on indefinite hold) but this seems like it will be completely different. Right now I’m mostly apathetic until I hear more.

      I never tried using the buttons to aim in KIU but it seems super difficult, you are a braver man than I!

      I know I love DKC3! It’s so much fun and brings in a lot of interesting gameplay tweaks.

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