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PSTS Let’s Play Eternal Darkness: Episode 13 – Sanity Come to Me

Shortly after beginning a new chapter J.D. and Jeff learn about the pleasures of being an architect slave. Apparently normal activities include breathing poison gas, being teleported to weird hell worlds, and fighting monsters that spring from your fellow slaves. Seriously, though, it is rather bizarre how normally everyone reacts to these things.


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I'm a web developer currently located in Portland, Oregon. I graduated with a degree in a wide variety of things that aren't very useful by themselves and do things I love on a regular basis. I grew up playing video games, and keep a blog about that.

3 comments on “PSTS Let’s Play Eternal Darkness: Episode 13 – Sanity Come to Me

  1. rick
    January 15, 2014

    Hey guys,
    I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s possible to kill that invincible thing by hitting it when it opens its wings.

    • shickj
      January 15, 2014

      Oh interesting! We’ll have to give that a try when we come across him again. He isn’t all that hard to avoid but it is annoying having to kite him around the room.

  2. rick
    January 15, 2014

    Yeah, I thought you should know in case you need to kill one of those to progress in the game. I can’t remember if you’ll have to or not but you never know.

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