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PSTS Episode 28 – Planetside 2, Hitman Hits, and Miyamoto’s Story Rule

Christmas approaches, and we here at PSTS are ready to inform you about the latest in games and news as preparation. Or, you know, just keep talking about ZombiU. It’s a big game! There’s a lot going on! In this podcast, also expect a better wrap-up of New Super Mario Bros U, talk about why Planetside 2 is different from almost anything else, the ridiculous ideas some marketing campaigns come up with (and immediately abandon), and some debate on if good gameplay justifies lack of story.

Press Start to Start – Episode 28

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I'm a web developer currently located in Portland, Oregon. I graduated with a degree in a wide variety of things that aren't very useful by themselves and do things I love on a regular basis. I grew up playing video games, and keep a blog about that.

One comment on “PSTS Episode 28 – Planetside 2, Hitman Hits, and Miyamoto’s Story Rule

  1. davgustav
    December 6, 2012

    Zombi U takes place in Europe. Have you noticed that the Beefeater guard on the cover has bad teeth? JD’s story of Toys R Us brought back a long suppressed memory from long ago. 1995. I was 10 and in the (Vancouver?) branch of Toys R Us. Toys were kind of old hat for me so I strolled over to probably the same game section. My mom suggested getting Chrono Trigger. She told me it was a lot like FF 3, or 6, (who cares.) the game she had rented four times in a row from the local video rental place. How she knew the game, I’m still not sure of. I didn’t subscribe to Nintendo Power, and I don’t remember any commercials for it. But we went through the same actions. I remember the look of satisfaction on the employees face as took the slip of paper as he went back behind counter (he knew of the journey I was going to undertake). He walked through the double swinging doors, and into the magical hall of games. I’m pretty sure I saw marble columns and a ceiling fresco comparable to the Sistine Chapel that was so high it had the blue tint of sky with small clouds swirling around. I remember the longest ride home back to Astoria of my life while looking over the fresh smelling manual and over world maps. My mom beat it before I did. (jerk) Great recall JD. PEACE!!!

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