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PSTS Episode 27 – ZombiU Multiplayer, Wii Mini, and Fan Questions (Plus Answers!)

The Wii U rush of new games and features and exciting things are at last dying down here in Press Start to Start central, but until then we’re going to continue commenting on our evolving opinions of it. That includes new found features and angles on ZombiU, the New Super Mario Bros U game, and JD continuing to love Nintendo. Physically. Also check out some rare, non-Wii U related news, and the return of the lost Questions from Listeners section! We know you missed it.

Press Start to Start – Episode 27

About jwaxo

I'm a web developer currently located in Portland, Oregon. I graduated with a degree in a wide variety of things that aren't very useful by themselves and do things I love on a regular basis. I grew up playing video games, and keep a blog about that.

5 comments on “PSTS Episode 27 – ZombiU Multiplayer, Wii Mini, and Fan Questions (Plus Answers!)

  1. cary
    November 30, 2012

    Thanks for the answers (and the plug, haha!). I’m still not ready to commit to the WiiU but I’ll enjoy hearing (maybe seeing, if you do any videos) about your adventures with it!

    • jwaxo
      November 30, 2012

      Awesome, thanks! We’ll definitely keep everyone updated.

  2. davgustav
    December 5, 2012

    I think I may have made a mistake. I might have talked Scott out of playing Xenoblade by talking about it’s extremely long play time. Darn…… fudge me to darn.

    • shickj
      December 5, 2012

      Look what you’ve done! It’s all ruined now! Nah, it’s alright. At least now we know someone that’s played Last Story, I’ve been wondering about that one for a while. Playing Xenoblade is like having another job if you play it regularly! But the kind of job you’re excited for.

      • davgustav
        December 6, 2012

        I was pumped to hear that you can play The Last Story with the classic controller like Xeno (short for Xenoblade, see what I did there?) I wish this would have been adopted earlier in the life of the Wii. I’m sure I’ll be checking it out. Scott and I swap consoles regularly. He’s going to maintain my Wii with controllers and software, while I have the calling of the Wii U and his GameCube. I really want to find a GBA GC player and crack into the Four Swords. Man is that an expensive game to play! S.O.B.!

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