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PSTS Episode 26 – ZombiU, Black Ops 2, and Wii U Releases Up in This

After a tumultuous weekend, Jeff and JD have finally received their new consoles, and have a lot to say about them. A lot. Pretty much the entire episode, really. They go over the games they bought for it, the OS, the feel of the controllers, and pretty much everything in between. Then their news is pretty much entirely Wii U related. Don’t blame them! Blame human nature.

Press Start to Start – Episode 26

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2 comments on “PSTS Episode 26 – ZombiU, Black Ops 2, and Wii U Releases Up in This

  1. cary
    November 27, 2012

    Great WiiU review! Curious to know (now or after you’ve played with the system for awhile) if you guys think the WiiU is truly a better overall system than the Wii. Also, I’ve read that the WiiU supports the Wiimote and nunchuck controllers. Not sure how (or if) this works, but do you see any reason to have to use to them with the WiiU?

    • shickj
      November 27, 2012

      Yes the Wii remotes/nunchuks can be used with the Wii U and, in the case of Nintendoland, are required for certain games. Something to note is that some of the Nintendoland games even require you to have Wii motion plus controllers, which has been a problem for me since I only own the one I got with Skyward Sword. These are really good discussion topics that we could talk about in tomorrow’s podcast. We are recording tonight and I’m sure we will be going over further Wii U impressions since, like you said, we’ve had more time to get a feel for it. Thanks for the comment!

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