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PSTS Let’s Play Borderlands: Episode 01 – Select Your Caricature

Here at Press Start to Start we enjoy mixing it up as much as you, so we decided that, for our second game we’d Let’s Play, to get about as far in the opposite direction of our extremely, supremely-popular Minecraft videos and show you another one of our favorite games: Borderlands. An RPG-FPS with an awesome sense of humor, unique art style, and sequel coming out soon, we hope you love it as much as we do. So come on and CATCH A RIIIIIIIDE and watch us as we pick up gun, shoot more than a few things, and maybe start to realize that there’s something desyncing our audio and video.

Jeff did his best to keep them synced up throughout the game, but you may notice certain moments where what we’re saying doesn’t make sense with what you’re seeing. We apologize profusely. Make a game of it!

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I'm a web developer currently located in Portland, Oregon. I graduated with a degree in a wide variety of things that aren't very useful by themselves and do things I love on a regular basis. I grew up playing video games, and keep a blog about that.

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