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PSTS Episode 02: Retro’s Rumored Project, Diablo II, and Killer Road Trips

In our groundbreaking second podcast you will hopefully enjoy our new theme tune and listen along as we discuss a bizarre crossover Retro Studios is supposedly making, a revised Wii U controller, the comforting formula of JRPGs, and just how annoying it would be to share a car ride with Wario for eight hours. Also, in case you missed the announcement last week, we are now featured in the iTunes podcast store, so subscribe, if you are the kind who does, or just click below and listen.

PSTS Episode 02

About jwaxo

I'm a web developer currently located in Portland, Oregon. I graduated with a degree in a wide variety of things that aren't very useful by themselves and do things I love on a regular basis. I grew up playing video games, and keep a blog about that.

7 comments on “PSTS Episode 02: Retro’s Rumored Project, Diablo II, and Killer Road Trips

  1. abrigant
    May 23, 2012

    Who was your favorite Tales of Symphonia character to play as? Despite doing at least six full run throughs (200+ hours?) of that game, I never tried anyone besides Lloyd lol.

    • jwaxo
      May 23, 2012

      Dude, you do not want to get us started on ToS. We did dozens of playthroughs. We’ve played as every character, individually. We could talk for days.

    • shickj
      May 23, 2012

      No kidding, Jeff and I played the crap out of that game and I could still go back and play it. Maybe we should have a ToS episode sometime… Presea is a lot of fun to play as and Regal is interesting because he is so different. Lloyd is still one of my favorites though because of the crazy combos we could rack up!

    • jwaxo
      May 23, 2012

      I’m pretty sure I normally stuck to Kratos/Zelos, and JD also did a heck of a lot of Genis. Sheena was also pretty crazy to try to get to a really good, refined point, but I managed it on one playthrough once and she started turning insaaaane.

      …Raine you could leave to her own devices.

  2. Zerhaft Drobindumsercofsphomos
    May 23, 2012

    Hi, I just watched your podcast, it was excellent! I was wondering if you could give a short review on some older games that I have heard about recently. It seems they are famous but I am not a very old gamer. I know you guys have a lot of experience so can you tell me about Valve’s Ricochet game and Blizzard’s Starcraft Broodwar game? Thanks a lot in advance!

    • jwaxo
      May 24, 2012

      I don’t really know a thing about Ricochet, but man do I know about Broodwar. So extensive that even console-boy JD has probably played it.

    • shickj
      May 24, 2012

      Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Yeah like Jeff, I have never played Ricochet. However, I have played some Brood War before but not very extensively. I didn’t play Brood War until more recently so my take on the game will most assuredly be different from Jeff’s, but it should make for an interesting discussion! Thanks for the suggestion!

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